News from julio 9, 2021

Live Presentation – HDE’s Novelties

Live Presentation - HDE's Novelties

HDE had the pleasure to introduce 20 new product references to better meet your equine dentistry needs during a live presentation.

Picking up the pace to support the development of your equine dentistry practice

Going from 11s burr series, forceps to equine Dentalscope, HDE is picking up the pace to support the development of your equine dentistry practice.

Live Presentation - HDE's Novelties

20 new products for equine dental practitioners

For the sunny days, HDE introduces its Light EVOLUTION jacket which allows you to be more comfortable in your summer equine dentistry practice! The upper part of this jacket can be detached which also allows you to work with the belt only, if you want.

Discover 3 new head protections made exclusively for the 11s burrs which enable more possibilities in your practice:

Furthermore, we are always improving according to your feedback and, our new Cutting Disc Burr is here to demonstrate it! Used to reduce, realign and cut incisor arcade, it has different features such as being thinner than the Disc Burr which is already in our range of equine dentistry products. The finer diamond coating also allows the burr to remain steadier on the incisors.

A panel of new forceps is also available in our range including the Pinza Aligator which are back in our portfolio!

Our novelties also help you to make a clear and precise diagnosis while developing horse owners understanding. Those are the most important advantages you will benefit from when using HDE’s new Equine Dentalscope which is available in 3 different monitoring options:

Finally, do not miss the new Pegasos items including the “Peter Fahrenkrug” Equodent Dental Burr for ponies with its Watercooling option but also the Blunt Dental Probe designed for exploring fistula canals and measuring the depth of gingival pockets and infundibular caries.

If you were not able to attend the live presentation, feel free to watch the video and you can also discover all HDE’s novelties online!

For further information or if you would like to receive an estimate, do not hesitate to Contáctenos.

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