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2019 TEVA Summer Symposium

2019 TEVA Summer Symposium


We are looking forward to seeing you next week at the 2019 TEVA Summer Symposium at the Horseshoe Bay Resort!

Please come see us: we’ll be on the MWI, Covetrus, Patterson and Midwest booths.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question before then.

See you next week!

Dentistry course organized by VETPD – Introduction to Advanced Surgical Dental Extraction Techniques (incl. MITR, MTE & Segmentation)

Fri 6 – Sat 7 Sept 2019 – A 2-Day Practical Boutique Course


Nowadays a great percentage of equine dental extractions are performed non-surgically but should never be taken lightly as complications like dental fractures, retained root tips, collateral damage etc. easily occur.  Over the past 20 years minimally-invasive surgical techniques have been developed and have led to a significant reduction of morbidity and mortality in horses.  This 2-day highly practical boutique course (max. 18 attendees) was devised for advanced practitioners with surgical experience and surgeons with a good working knowledge/experience in equine dentistry, specifically with dental extractions.  The panel of internationally renowned specialists will provide an overview on up-to-date, minimally-invasive surgical dental extraction techniques in horses, including minimally-invasive trephination & repulsion (MITR), minimally-invasive transbuccal extraction (MTE) and dental segmentation.  They will furthermore be sharing technical tips and tricks and pearls of wisdom that they have accumulated over the many years of performing equine dental surgery.

Between both days the 9 hours of practical sessions will provide an intimate environment for attendees to develop their surgical skills on equine specimens in true small groups (2-3 vets per specimen; attendee-to-instructor ratio of 4-6/1) at the following stations:

  • Surgical Anatomy of the Head – Sinuses Anatomy, Surgical Approaches, Facial Anatomy & Nerve Blocks
  • Minimally Invasive Trephination & Repulsion (MITR)    
  • Minimally Invasive Transbuccal Extraction (MTE)
  • Paranasal Sinuses – Surgical Techniques 
  • Dental Segmentation Techniques
  • Diagnostic Imaging Case-Discussions 

The course fee includes lunches, coffee/tea breaks, a wine & cheese reception, extensive course notes and a certificate of attendance. Attendees can choose to only attend the lectures (= Lectures Only) on this course or can register for the entire course (= Lectures & Practical Sessions).  Early course registration is recommended as there are only a limited number of places available.

Contact us for more information or to register.


Registrations open - Advanced dentistry course


Advanced Equine Dentistry for the Private Practitioner

Colorado State University  in partnership with Horse Dental Equipment – Jorgensen Laboratories – Covetrus – Storz – Heska

December 4, 5, and 6th, 2019 – Fort Collins, Colorado

The overall goal of this course is for private practitioners with a keen interest in dentistry to leave feeling more comfortable and prepared to handle more challenging malocclusions and extractions and to recognize and treat periodontal disease effectively.

Registration Fee: $2,650.00
Registration Closes: November 4, 2019

Course Enrollment: 24 attendees (12 wet lab stations)

Enrollment is limited! Register early!

CE Credits:  24 


Presented by Drs. Jack Easley, Hubert Simhofer, Molly Rice, Frank Schellenberger, Jennifer Rawlinson.


  • Clear understanding of maxillofacial anatomy, dental anatomy, dental regional anesthesia, basic dental radiography, equine periodontal disease, and causes & types of equine dental fracture
  • Competence with basic equine extraction equipment
  • Competence with equine dental radiograph acquisition
  • Competence in providing CRIs for standing equine dental care (not covered in course)

** The above topics will not be reviewed during this course. It will be expected that course participants have mastered the above fundamentals of equine dental care. ** 

Course Purpose:

Goals for this meeting will be to provide equine veterinarians instruction and education in the following topics:

  • Recognizing and treating periodontal disease
  • Clinical implications of non-routine malocclusions
  • Treatment non-routine malocclusions via well placed odontoplasty
  • Comprehensive treatment planning with preparation for extractions via review of oral exam and radiographs
  • Incisor and canine extraction techniques
  • “Simple” intraoral extraction technique and fragment removal
  • Minimally invasive transbuccal extraction technique
  • Coronectomy, tooth sectioning, and odontoplasty to aid extraction
  • Radiculectomy and modified repulsion extraction techniques

Download the whole program of the 3-day course here and contact us for more information.


Only 3 days left to register for the *TEVA Wetlab – Beyond Basics: Modern Diagnostic & Therapeutic Techniques in Equine Dentistry* organized by VetPD in partnership with the Texas Equine Veterinary Association and sponsored by Horse Dental Equipment​ and Jorgensen Laboratories​.

TEVA Wetlab – Beyond Basics: Modern Diagnostic & Therapeutic Techniques in Equine Dentistry – A 2-Day Practical Course





















We are looking forward to meeting you in Irving, Texas!

Discover the program of the course here.


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Sunday, December 2 at 10:30am 

(15 minutes time slot)

Dr. Jon Gieche

“Pegasos Extraction Instruments”

Monday, December 3 at 10:30am 

(15 minutes time slot)

Dr. Jon Gieche

” The HDE Pony burr”




HDE in San Fran for AAEP 2018: #BOOTH 837

New Technical Center in Colorado

Present in the USA for more than 10 years, the growing success of HDE leads us to provide customers with a single contact point for anything relating to the Technical Assistance:

– Helpline
– Loan equipment
– Diagnosis & estimate
– Payment request

These missions will now be entrusted to RepairMed team managed by Jeff Palmer.

RepairMed, a Colorado based company, specializes in the repair and calibration of veterinary instrumentation. RepairMed is headed by Jeff Palmer, a Navy-trained electronics technician with 16 years of experience, with 10 being specifically in the veterinary industry. RepairMed was formed in 2014, and is pleased to be now working collaboratively with Horse Dental Equipment

Mr. Palmer has spent time in France at HDE headquarters training on maintenance/repair of HDE equipment alongside the experienced French team.

HDE Official Technician:

Jeff Palmer available from
8.00am to 5.00pm (Mountain Time)
on (970) 442 3601

Focus 2017 : What a success !

Thank you for your visit on the FOCUS 2017 !

It was a real pleasure to meet you ! So many of you came to our stand that we really want to thank everybody for the interest and the dedication with wich you have followed us on the FOCUS.

They were with us!

Dr. Frank Schellenberger, the designer of the High Precision Extraction instruments (Pegasos Edition), visited from Germany to accompany the HDE team for detailed explanations on the Pegasos Edition.
Dr. Cesar Lorenzo visited from Argentina for the HDE Instruments.
Dr Jon M. Gieche DVM, FAVD EQ. Educational partner.

PEGASOS EDITION – High Precision Extraction

Why the Pegasos Instruments are different?

Pegasos instruments combine reliability and efficiency by allowing safe and high-precision extraction.

 Ergonomic shapes
High confort in use

 What makes the Forceps and Spreader System Special and Unique?

• A lot of efforts has been invested in order to design instruments as efficient and ergonomic as possible
• The instruments enable many different combinations to give a versatility that has not been yet available
• Instruments are made of heat treated surgical stainless steel
• The inserts are laser welded
• The construction was tested with FEM-analysis
• Instruments are fully autoclaveable and chemically disinfectable
• Made in Germany
• 5 years warranty




Designed by Dr Frank Schellenberger
specialized in equine dentistry since 1999.




Discover Pegasos Edition products


We are a Silver Sponsor at FOCUS ON DENTISTRY 2017 !

HORSE DENTAL EQUIPMENT is pleased to announce that we will be a Silver Sponsor at the upcoming FOCUS ON DENTISTRY congress held in Lexington in July. If you are planning to attend, please stop by our booth. We would love the chance to meet you.


Article – Banish imbalances in the mouth by Scott Wilson, DVM

Attached is an article on equine dentistry which appeared in the January 2017 issue of Practical Horseman.

It explains why basic and consistent dental care is important to basic health & performance.

Read the article


Equine Dentistry Wet Lab

March 17-18, 2017 – Whitewater, WI

Kettle Moraine Equine Hospital and Regional Equine Dental Center

A 2 day course – Level 1

Throughout this extremely practical individually focused (15 attendees) 2-day course, internationally renowned specialists will instruct attendees on the practical knowledge necessary and the clinical skills required to confidently perform basic equine dentistry in a clinical setting. Instruction format includes highly illustrated lectures and and intensely “hands on” practical instruction in an intimate personal setting (max. 2-3 attendees per specimen). Afternoon wet labs will include a total of 8 hours (over 2 days) with power equipment, specimens and live horse demonstration. A unique opportunity to network and learn with colleagues at a similar knowledge level and form relationships with experts!

Click here to register online

  • History of equine dentistry
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Oral Examination
  • Equine Dental Instrumentation
  • Professional Equine Dental Care
  • Hand floating & power equipment

Are invited: 

– All equine or mixed animal veterinarians wishing to become comfortable performing basic equine dentistry
– Senior veterinary students

Number of attendees:

Minimum = 5 / Maximum = 15
Practice : live, dead specimens and skulls – 1 professor per 5 attendees

Seminar fee: 600 US Dollars 

– 2 days course
– Equine dentistry equipment
– 2 lunches
– 4 coffee breaks

Organised by: Jorgensen & Horse Dental Equipment
Ask information via our contact form

Professor :

Jon M. GIECHE, D.V.M., FAVD EQ, Diplomate AVDC EQ

Dr. Gieche received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1986. In 1991, Dr. Gieche founded Kettle Moraine Equine Hospital and Regional Equine Dental Center, a state-of-the-art full service equine hospital and ambulatory practice in Wisconsin. Dr. Gieche has the honor of being a two time past president of the Wisconsin Equine Practitioners Association. A lifelong learner, Dr. Gieche has continued to educate himself in all aspects of Equine Medicine and Surgery. In February 2013, Dr. Gieche achieved Equine Fellowship status in the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry (AVD-EQ) and just earned in 2016 its diplomate status in the American College of Veterinary Dentistry – Equine. He is one of only eight AVD-EQ Fellows in North America…


Happy New Year

NAVC Conference – Orlando, Florida, 4-6 February 2017

Hnavcorse Dental Equipment™ US Master Distributor, Jorgensen Laboratories Inc.
currently exhibiting at the North American Veterinary Community Conference,
Booth 3702.



Evolution motor with Watercooling

Ocala Equine Conference & Equine Foot Symposium

January 20-22, 2017 Ocala Florida

Next conference coming:

Ocala Equine Conference & Equine Foot Symposium