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Horse Dental Equipment

Free Loan Equipment

You want to realize your maintenance or repair on your Horse Dental Equipment products and we are pleased to offer you the free loan equipment Service during the time of maintenance on your material.

Free loan equipment period

  • The loan of equipment is free of charge provided that it is scheduled 15 business days in advance.

The free loan equipment applies for the period from the date the material is received at the borrower’s premises to one day after the reception of the customer set after the maintenance service.

  • For any urgent repair or excess of the above period, the borrower will be charged with US$200 per week (*) in addition to the round trip transportation.

(*) 1 day is considered as one week


Please fill in the questions below to let us know what you need.

Note that, according to your location, it may take five days for delivery.

The free loan set offer only applies to Veterinarians residing in the USA.