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Horse Dental Equipment

Enjoy special offers up to $1,890 with HDE at the 2021 AAEP Convention

2021 AAEP Convention

HDE is delighted to invite you to join us at 2021 AAEP Convention 4-8th December 2021.

One more thing, we prepared for you some exclusive offers available for the AAEP convention attendees. Discover all the details and how to benefit from them below.

We can’t wait to seeing you in person and in the meantime stay safe!



Up to $1,890 off of HDE Classic & Compact Sets*

10% discount + Exceptional manufacturer rebate:

  • $400 on Classic set 2/3/4 Dry & Watercooling
  • $800 on Compact set 3/4 Dry

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2021 AAEP Exclusive offers

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