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Horse Dental Equipment


What are the basic Maintenance Instructions?

Our equipment does not require any greasing nor any daily maintenance. This is a huge time saving for you on your working day!

Click to view the cleaning recommendations to optimize your equipment’s use and longevity.

How often shall I schedule a maintenance of my material ?

Once a year or every 500 horses dental care, a maintenance can be scheduled with our official Technical Center in Tomball, Texas.

8 main points of control will be checked:

  • complete  test of the equipment
  • dismantling
  • control of motor (connections, carbon brushes)
  • control of handpiece (bearings, gears, disc)
  • control of drive shaft (bearings, springs)
  • cleaning
  • lubrication
  • reassembling

If repairs are needed, spare parts and labor cost will be invoiced to the customer upon estimate approval.

Download: Maintenance and check-up request form

Can I change the diamond disc myself ?

NO. You do not have anything to do. The change or repair of diamond disc will only be performed by our Official Technical Center based in Tomball, Texas.

The dismantling and reassembling of the handpiece’s head requires custom-made tools for Horse Dental Equipment.

All this sounds good to me ! but I still have doubts…

No issue ….Take the time to try it on during your upcoming dental care practices!

We will be glad to lend you a complete set for 5-business days, 100% free of charge in order for you to clear your doubts.

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