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Focus 2017 : What a success !

Thank you for your visit on the FOCUS 2017 !

It was a real pleasure to meet you ! So many of you came to our stand that we really want to thank everybody for the interest and the dedication with wich you have followed us on the FOCUS.

They were with us!

Dr. Franck Schellenberger, the designer of the High Precision Extraction instruments (Pegasos Edition), visited from Germany to accompany the HDE team for detailed explanations on the Pegasos Edition.
Dr. Cesar Lorenzo visited from Argentina for the HDE Instruments.
Dr Jon M. Gieche DVM, FAVD EQ. Educational partner.

PEGASOS EDITION – High Precision Extraction

Why the Pegasos Instruments are different?

Pegasos instruments combine reliability and efficiency by allowing safe and high-precision extraction.

 Ergonomic shapes
High confort in use

 What makes the Forceps and Spreader System Special and Unique?

• A lot of efforts has been invested in order to design instruments as efficient and ergonomic as possible
• The instruments enable many different combinations to give a versatility that has not been yet available
• Instruments are made of heat treated surgical stainless steel
• The inserts are laser welded
• The construction was tested with FEM-analysis
• Instruments are fully autoclaveable and chemically disinfectable
• Made in Germany
• 5 years warranty




Designed by Dr Franck Schellenberger
specialized in equine dentistry since 1999.




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We are a Silver Sponsor at FOCUS ON DENTISTRY 2017 !

HORSE DENTAL EQUIPMENT is pleased to announce that we will be a Silver Sponsor at the upcoming FOCUS ON DENTISTRY congress held in Lexington in July. If you are planning to attend, please stop by our booth. We would love the chance to meet you.


Happy New Year

NAVC Conference – Orlando, Florida, 4-6 February 2017

Hnavcorse Dental Equipment™ US Master Distributor, Jorgensen Laboratories Inc.
currently exhibiting at the North American Veterinary Community Conference,
Booth 3702.



AAEP Orlando : December 4-6th 2016


Discover HDE’s new Hydro Jet !

hydro-jet-usThe perfect versatile rinsing tool : thorough mouth cleaning and powerful diastema flushing.

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Equine Dentistry : Why Equine Veterinarians are Uniquely Qualified

AAEPBy Jack Easley, DVM, MS, Dipl. ABVP/ Eq. Dipl. AVDC

Finding the right person to provide dental care for your horse can be confusing, proper dental care is key to maintaining overall health and just as with other important areas of equine health.

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